Friday, July 31, 2009

Kitchen again xD

I took several pictures of my kitchen again cause of customer's request . It's funny when they thought my kitchen is a shop :) HAHA . It is not senoritas , it is a kitchen and I do cook there :)
Jom jom cuci mata :D :D

chef's section :)

advertisement ? lols

cow's section :)

full view

the reban ayam without pintu anymore . haha


New Wing Chair available through orders now ! Available in all different colors and patterns . The fabrics are from Elyza's :) Hurry up ! Hurry up !

And not to forget , I just bought this one yesterday . And it's perfectly matching with the wing chair :) hehehe . and the trunk just perfectly suit in the middle . I took them to paint last few weeks and the result is damn amazing :) I love the color combination . And sorry people , the trunk isn't for sell .

loves ,